Technology has now evolved in each and every aspect of the human world, from electric cars to smart washing machine. Technology has improved life of differently abled people in many ways too. Our motivation for this project is to provide comfort and security of the disabled people through the development of a low cost, multiple alert systems for the disabled (deaf and blind) people and also digitally sensing body temperature and heart rate using arduino. In this project a user module is designed which will notify the user whenever the doorbell is pressed and also notify the location to their family members to find them whenever there is a threat. The notification will be sent through a wireless module which covers a good amount of range. One module will be hooked at a mobile while other will be connected to the user module (wearable gadget) with some LED/vibrating motor for indication purpose. The LCD screen will display the text for notification purpose. These modules are controlled by Arduino control Unit.


Arduino, Wireless module, LCD screen, vibrating motor, LED, sensors, Heart rate, body temperature.