West India

History reverberates the glory and valour of Maratha and their courage to make India Independent. Gujarat being one of the developed state provides to be the business paradise of India.

Western India is sound and strong with Universities having scopes of academicians and science with developed and populated states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Cities of Maharashtra and Gujarat have many research institutes, incubation centre, centre of excellence in colleges and Universities.

Excessive growth of academics with connectivity between professionals to streamline the development of science was needed which made us form an exclusive section to meet our goals of scientific development.

Making Pune, one of the academic capital of India as centre we started IFERP Pune Chapter. To step ahead with our Maratha members, we collaborated with best Universities and technical colleges in Pune to organize series of conference and scientific events with a mission to bring the academic world to western India. IFERP Pune was created by IFERP and Technoarete associates with various researchers exchange programme between IFERP Pune chapter and international universities in collaboration with us.

Our managing committee realized focusing on developed cities like Pune and Mumbai won’t make the different, rather remote and developing areas of Maharashtra needs focus. With support of our local professionals, we collaborated with colleges at Kolhapur and nearby places to start exclusive chapter there. With same vision and to redefine our activities we too started IFERP Nagpur chapter by integrating top professionals across Nagpur.

We believe our strong dedication and determination along with contribution of our members will definitely bring changes in science, technology and academics in western India by year 2020.


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Upcoming Conference

Date of Conference Conference Name In Association with
27th-28th November 2017 National Conference on “Agricultural and Food Business Management in Digital Era" MIT ADT University - MITCOM, Rajbaug, Pune, Maharashtra
08th-09th December 2017 International Conference on Technological Innovations in Engineering and Management (ICTIEM-17) Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
23rd-24th January 2018 International Conference on Advances and Practices in Electrical Engineering (ICAPE-2018) KDK College of Engineering, Nagpur, Maharashtra
24th-25th January 2018 International Conference on Innovative Realm in Civil Engineering (IC-IRICE 2018) KDK College of Engineering, Nagpur, Maharashtra
08th-10th March 2018 International conference on Recent Advances in Bioscience and Bioengineering"(ICRABB -18) Parul University, Parul Institute of Applied Science, Vadodara, Gujarat
March 2018 International Conference G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra
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