Date: 22nd - 24th May,2023

Time: 05:30 PM to 07:00 PM

About the Faculty Development Program

Choosing a scholarly journal to publish your scientific article, consider the following factors:

  • Relevance:

    Make sure the journal specializes in your field of research and covers the topics you are writing about.

  • Impact Factor:

    Look for a journal with a high impact factor, which is a measure of the journal's prestige and the frequency with which its articles are cited.

  • Peer Review Process:

    Ensure that the journal uses a rigorous peer-review process to evaluate articles before publication.

  • Accessibility:

    Consider if the journal is open access, meaning that articles are freely available to the public, or if it requires a subscription to access articles.

  • Guidelines:

    Review the journal's guidelines for authors, paying attention to the format, length, and style of articles, as well as any specific requirements for data and figure presentation.

It is important to note that the quality of the research, and the importance of the findings, should be the primary factors considered when deciding where to publish.

Speaker details

Dr. Balakrishnan S

IEEE Brand Ambassador

Patent and India Book of Record Holder
Head of the Department
Department of Computer Science and Business System
Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology


Associate professor

PG and Research Department of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College
Former Member - Academic Council & Senate of University of Madras


Associate Director

Solamalai College of Engineering


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  • To get connected with professionals all across the globe.
  • Great Way of Networking.
  • Great Source of Knowledge & Upskilling.
  • Research assistance will be provided in all fields.
  • Learning From Industry Experts.

Note : Only attendees who will attend the whole Webinar will be eligible to receive the certificate of Participation

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