Date: 15/10/2022

Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

India's 5G Future

IFERP is organizing a webinar on "India's 5G Future" as part of World Students' Day in honor of former Indian president Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam on October 15, 2022. 5G technology has a theoretical peak speed of 20 Gbps, while the peak speed of 4G is only 1 Gbps. 5G also promises lower latency, which can improve the performance of business applications as well as other digital experiences (such as online gaming, videoconferencing, and self-driving cars).

While earlier generations of cellular technology (such as 4G LTE) focused on ensuring connectivity, 5G takes connectivity to the next level by delivering connected experiences from the cloud to clients. 5G networks are virtualized and software-driven, and they exploit cloud technologies.

Speaker details

Shri Ashish Chugh, ITS

Assistant Director General ,

Department of Telecom ,
Government of India , India


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  • Great Source of Knowledge & Upskilling.
  • Research assistance will be provided in all fields.
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Note : Only attendees who will attend the whole Webinar will be eligible to receive the certificate of Participation

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Research scholars





Industrial Experts

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