Date: 19/04/2023

Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

About the Career Development Programme

Group discussions are a great way to share ideas and thoughts with a diverse group of people. However, to make the most of group discussions, there are some do's and don'ts that participants should keep in mind.


  • Listen actively: Listening to others' points of view is critical to the success of a group discussion. Actively listen to what others are saying, and show that you are engaged by asking questions or providing feedback.
  • Speak clearly: When it's your turn to speak, make sure you speak clearly and articulately. State your point of view succinctly and provide supporting arguments and examples to help others understand your perspective.
  • Be respectful: Respect your fellow participants and their opinions, even if you don't agree with them. Avoid interrupting others, and don't speak over anyone.
  • Stay on topic: Keep the discussion focused on the topic at hand. Avoid tangents or personal anecdotes that aren't directly related to the discussion.
  • Contribute constructively: Participate actively in the discussion and contribute to the group's progress. Provide solutions to problems, and offer suggestions for moving forward.


  • Interrupt others: Interrupting others can be disrespectful and disrupt the flow of the discussion. Wait for your turn to speak, and let others finish their thoughts before you interject.
  • Dominate the conversation: Avoid monopolizing the conversation by talking too much or for too long. Give others a chance to speak and contribute their ideas.
  • Get defensive: If someone disagrees with your point of view, don't get defensive or take it personally. Instead, listen to their perspective and try to understand where they're coming from.
  • Use offensive language: Avoid using offensive language or making derogatory remarks about others. This can create a hostile environment and make it difficult for everyone to participate in the discussion.
  • Lose sight of the goal: Remember that the purpose of the group discussion is to share ideas and come up with solutions. Don't let personal biases or emotions get in the way of achieving this goal.


  • E-Certificate will be provided to all the participants.
  • To get connected with professionals all across the globe.
  • Great Way of Networking.
  • Great Source of Knowledge & Upskilling.
  • Research assistance will be provided in all fields.
  • Learning From Industry Experts.

Note : Only attendees who will attend the whole Webinar will be eligible to receive the certificate of Participation

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Who Should attend our live CDP?

Research scholars



Advantages Of CDP

CDP are convenient for both presenters and attendees. This is why the format is becoming more and more popular every year.

CDP make holding conferences and meetings possible at any time and place. Anyone can participate in a CDP without leaving work or just while staying at home, on a business trip or vacation.


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