Event Speaker


Mrs. Sonal Gulati

Assistant Professor
Department of Management
NDIM, India

Key Points

  • Choosing a Career in Blockchain
  • Smart Wallets and Exchange
  • Role of AI Technology in Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain and Digital assets as Green Finance
  • Challenges and Risks Involved
  • Integration with Traditional Finance

Modern Ways to Improve Finance: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

This Blockchain and Cryptocurrency webinar offers a deep understanding of improving your finances with cryptocurrency and Blockchain trading. Learn strategic trading practices and capitalize on the flexibility of cryptocurrencies to grow your wealth. Future-proof yourself with the necessary skill sets with our value-packed webinar.

Attend this webinar to stay ahead of competitors and keep your wealth safe. With the right mindset and a cautious approach, trading cryptocurrency and Blockchain can be a way to increase your financial portfolio and secure a brighter financial future. Diversifying your financial strategy to include cryptocurrency trading can provide an alternative avenue for wealth-building.

By attending this IFERP webinar, we will assist you in safely trading with Blockchain technology. You will understand the dynamic nature of Blockchain and how to use it to your advantage. Blockchain's potential to revolutionize cross-border transactions and financial inclusion is promising, offering a more accessible and inclusive financial landscape. Participate in this webinar and learn how to optimize financial systems for greater reliability and inclusivity.

This Webinar's Key Points

Choosing a Career in Blockchain:
Learn from industry leaders how to make your career in blockchain and get a roadmap for a successful niche selection according to your skill sets.

Wallets and Exchange:
Learn about wallets and their uses for managing cryptocurrency holdings, available in various forms—exchanges: Platforms for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies.

Role of AI Technology in Cryptocurrency:
Understanding the use of AI in cryptocurrency like automation, prediction analysis, fraud detection, and decentralized governance. Learn how AI can help you in blockchain trading.

Blockchain and Digital Assets as Green Finance:
Discover how blockchain technology works and how it can speed up the worldwide shift to eco-friendly finance. Learn how leaders apply this innovative technology to make finance more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Challenges and Risks Involved:
Learn about risks associated with hacking, fraud, and vulnerabilities in smart contracts, evolving regulations, and legal considerations in different jurisdictions.

Integration with Traditional Finance:
Increasing interest and investment from traditional financial institutions and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) governments exploring digital versions of their fiat currencies.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Learn a deep understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Explore the role of AI and unlock insights into trading algorithms.
  • Get practical knowledge on wallet management, exchanges, and cryptocurrency trends.
  • In live discussions, ask questions, and interact with experts to clarify doubts.
  • Future proof your Blockchain and Cryptocurrency skills and evolve financially.

Who Should Attend Our Webinar ?

Research scholars





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