International Conference on Physical Science & Technology (ICPST)

21th & 22nd May 2022   |   Virtual Conference

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About Conference

Conferences are like mini-vacations for the mind and an opportunity for the creation of great ideas. Based on this social welfare, IFERP has arranged 4 globalized SCOPUS & AIP conferences:

IOT-AI & ML in Information Technology to offer knowledge of AI all across the world.

ICEMS-2022 on smart environment management and solutions for focusing on related state-of-the-art technologies.

ICOCS-2022 on Communication Systems for overcoming typical issues experienced in everyday engineering activities and advancements.

ICPST on Physical Science and Technology to promote the advanced areas in Physical Sciences and Materials Science and Engineering.

These remarkable conferences are the platform to create a powerful technological revolution for curious researchers and scholars


Professionals can meet up with other engineers or experts in relevant fields in these conferences to socialize, to seek guidance from keynote speakers, to make relationships with other scholars with similar interests, and to broaden your technical, scientific, and technological expertise and develop answers to current challenges.

There will be demonstrations and presentations of new equipment, technologies, and processes, we will almost certainly be having conversations about obstacles and how they were overcome. The results of recent studies or the content of the latest innovations may be presented by keynote speakers.

International Conference on Physical Science & Technology (ICPST)
21th & 22nd May 2022   |   Virtual Conference

Get Certified

Young researchers will get certified here in these conferences to improve their skills and demonstrate professionalism in their publications.

Our AIP conferences assist you in incredible Scopus indexed publications with a comprehensive database that contains abstracts and citations for papers published in academic journals.

It includes almost 150+ topics from over 5000+ participants, including 2,500 papers in AIP / IOP (Scopus indexed) Conference proceedings Publications in the field of communication, sciences, technology, engineering, smart environment & management, and more.

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Submission & Proposal

Our AIP / IOP (Scopus indexed) Conferences and sessions ramp up with advantages for writers to utilize for the journal submission cycle. We've put together these fantastic Conferences to help you get the most out of your paper submissions by offering a platform for the global community to communicate and discuss a wide technical change in the world.

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