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IFERP provides its members with an opportunity to form Institutional / Professional /Student Chapters in different parts of the country in order to organize various Programs, Conferences & Events for the benefit of IFERP members locally as well as the IFERP Community in general.

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1. The Head of the academic Institution, after ascertaining that the institution has in the least 20 registered members of IFERP across all categories of membership, shall forward a letter requesting establishment of the new Chapter on the campus to the President of IFERP along with a list of chapter members comprising of

a. At least three or more faculties from institution among Computer Science/Information Technology (CS/IT) / Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) / and Electronics & Electrical Engineering (EEE) Departments in good standing.
b. Membership is open to all other departments of the academic institution, where there is interest in the areas of Computing and Communications. Faculty members as well as students of Research (PhD/MS), Post Graduate or Undergraduate courses can enroll to be members of IFERP Student Chapter.

2. The Professional members will elect one among themselves as the Chapter Head.

3. The initial team Chapter Head will decide on a term not exceeding one year from the date of installation of the Chapter and publish a notice for election of office bearers forming the Chapter Executive Committee (CEC) within this period

4. The Chapter Executive Committee (CEC) comprises, the President, the Vice-President, Secretary and other council members.

5. The IFERP Director will grant final approval for the Chapter and present the chapter announcement.

Students pursuing their Graduate and Post Graduate in Science, Engineering, Technology and management can apply for IFERP student membership. IFERP encourages and supports students by appointing its members to provide necessary guidance to build and globalize their innovative ideas. With IFERP student membership one could avail a global contact with its professional associated in field of engineering and technology.

IFERP Student Chapter is a scientific association of Students with a minimum number of 20 students from a particular Institute. IFERP Student Chapters provide unique opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills, research development, networking, mentoring and bonding. Student chapter of IFERP are established by petition to our head office by the hosting institute / college / University.

R & D Consultation:

IFERP Supports students and young researchers to make their innovations and research work more efficient and effective. Our experts and scientist working particular domain will help students make their research unique by providing for the more Ideas with their experience and knowledge.

The Organization will support student chapter members to make their research worth for availing benefits.

Scientific Activities:

International Conferences
Scientific Events and meetings
Research Talks
Training Programs
Research Funding
Research Club
Tech Fest
Exhibition & Expos

Student Chapter Establishment:

A petition to establish a Student Chapter, in the required form contain at least:

Name of Student, signatures of its student chapter head and signature of the president.
Name of the sponsoring Society.
The signatures of at least twenty (20) Students who are members of the Student and of the Society involved.
The signature of the Faculty Advisor of the Student Chapter selected by the petitioning Students, who shall be a member of the Society.
The name of one Student petitioner who will serve as interim Chair until establishment of the Student Chapter is authorized.

Office bearers


President of Student chapter will be head of the body and should be active and strong enough to coordinate with all in all R&D Activities and chapter operations with IFERP Headquarters.


  • We encourage young, dynamic and active faculties and assistance processor to be nominated for the post of president by the Head of the institute.
  • Nominees should have a minimum qualification with Post Graduate or M.Tech in any specialization of Engineering.
  • The Nominee for being the president of IFERP Student chapter should be well connected with students academically and professionally to make the operation of the chapters more effective.
  • The Nominee for being the president of IFERP Student chapter well be selected and finalized by decision taken by the authority of the college with prior approval of his/her professional CV by IFERP headquarters.


The secretary of IFERP student chapter is a student with capability to look after the operations of the chapter.

The secretary will be one of the top office bearers to look after administrative aspects of the student chapter.


  • The Nominee for being secretary should be a student from the same institute with an outstanding record of successful involvement in academic activities.
  • The secretary will be finalizing with concern of president and with sole approval of Head of the institute.
  • The Nominee for being the secretary of IFERP Student chapter should have and excellent communication & connectivity with other students to make them avail the benefits of the chapter.


The Treasurer of the IFERP Student Chapter will be the head of the official to look after financial activities, registration and accounting of the body.


  • The Nominee for being treasure should be a responsible faculty of the institute and could be suggested by the president with prior approval of the institute.

Student Ambassador:

Student Ambassador is from each department of IFERP Student chapter are student representative who connect student of their department to the global community of IFERP.

Student Ambassador from each department could be recommended from each department with prior approval by the chapter president and respective Head of the department.


  • Members can avail a concession up to 20% on the registration fees for our International conferences.
  • IFERP student member can publish their research papers at different highly sited journals and transactions.
  • The IFERP student members can attain the events held at tech fest of different colleges sponsored by IFERP.
  • IFERP students can interact with our professional members and can get advices as well as suggestions to carry out their research activities to complete their project.
  • Student members can join Young Research Forum [YRF] which is Indian's largest network of students pursuing engineering.
  • Among its students members IFERP will be selecting IFERP Indian innovators (III) with unique innovative ideas as well as creativity.
  • Scholarly student members will be provided with scope to take part at overseas events organized by IFERP and associated organization’s related to Science, Engineering and Technology.
  • IFERP student members with innovative research activities will be funded under research funding scheme.
  • Students will be provided with a scope of industrial visit and avail a working experience in leading industries as well as core sectors.
  • Student members can access their membership profile as well as digital library for their further perusal.
  • Students members will be provided with free research consultancy, personality development and training classes


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