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Institute For Engineering Research And Publication (IFERP) is one of the world's largest non-profitable professional associations meant for research development and promotion in the field of Engineering and Technology. We are a platform to promote the advancement and dissemination of the knowledge of Engineering & Technology.

IFERP is a professional association and a forum which constitutes of professional leaders & organizations, connecting each other with mission to work as wizards of science for defending the earth.

IFERP connect engineers exchange global innovation and act as a bridge between researchers & academicians by organizing,

in nook and corners of the world through our globally distributed executive committee members to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars.


To Make world affluent by establishing revolution in academic and industrial fields of science, engineering and technology.


To be recognized as the leading international Research and Development organizations through our performance, our people and commitment to our core values.

Of digitalising innovation processes through our professional networking services.

IFERP fulfil the need of Professionals even for their end to end research & development. We are a leading publisher of scientific research works in highly cited and high standard International Journals such as SCI, SCOPUS, Web of Science, UGC, Springer etc.

IFERP Uttar Pradesh Chapter welcomes you to a vast academic family consisting of leading Professionals from academic and research institutes located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Being a member of IFERP Uttar Pradesh Chapter, members can avail the Professional Membership Benefits.

Objective of IFERP

The major objective of IFERP is the career development of faculties and the personality development of the students and the overall development of the technical education and society.

IFERP provide a world class platform to researchers to share the research findings by organizing International/National Conferences.

IFERP encourage researchers to identify significant research issues in identified areas, in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management.



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Professional Membership


Student Membership


Chapter Establishment


Guest Lectures & Keynotes


Student Chapters

Students Pursuing their Graduate and Post Graduate in Science, Engineering, Technology and Management can apply for IFERP student membership. IFERP encourages and supports students by appointing its members to provide necessary guidance to build and globalize their innovative ideas. With IFERP student membership one could avail a global contact with professionals and scientists associated in the field of Engineering and Technology.

IFERP Student Chapter is a scientific association of students with a minimum number of 100 students from a particular Institute/University. IFERP Student chapter provide unique opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills, research development, networking, mentoring and bonding.

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Professional Chapter

IFERP Provides its Professional members with an opportunity to form Professional Chapters in different parts of the country in order to organize various programs, conferences & events for the benefit of IFERP members locally as well as the IFERP Community in General.

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Institutional Chapter

For the formation of IFERP Institutional Chapter in an Institution

The Institution must have at least 100 student members of IFERP.

The Institution must have Four or more life time members in good standing.

The Institution must have at least 25 professional members in good standing.

Membership is open to all departments of the academic Institution/University.

All the research papers from the Institution/university should be published through IFERP.

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