5 benefits of attending virtual conference 2023

Virtual conferences are quite popular these days. Since March of 2020, major conferences have been getting canceled all across the globe. Major international conferences that were never meant to be held at a distance have now been forced to go entirely virtual. Those who are regular engineering and technology conference 2023 attendees are probably getting advertisements urging them to take part in all sorts of virtual conferences. The question of how to figure out which conference is worth one’s time, however, still remains. An international conference that is normally held in person will be quite different when it is held in a virtual space. When deciding which conferences to attend this year, one should probably consider how much it will cost them to attend versus how much they will get out of it. Will the conference they normally attend in person be worth taking part in virtually? Although there isn’t a straight answer to this question, the below-listed tips should help someone who is considering taking part in virtual conferences take a more informed decision on whether to do so or not.

Is The Conference Worth The Money?

This is one of the questions that those looking to take part in conferences are asking themselves right now. If the conference is free, one should definitely attend an online conference 2023 if money isn’t an issue and they are more engrossed in the quality of the content. If the event isn’t free, they will need to determine if the agenda/content will be useful to them. This, along with a few other key questions (listed below), will help those tentative about taking part in virtual conferences make a better-informed decision.  

  • Is This Virtual College Conference 2023 Normally Held In Person? 
  • Does The Agenda For The Conference Seem Vague?
  • Does One Immediately Find Themself Choosing Which Sessions To Attend On Looking At The Agenda? 
  • Does One Of The Topics Seem More Interesting Than Most?
  • Does The Virtual Conference Offer Attendees A List Of Scopus Journals To Choose From To Potentially Have Their Research Work Published In?
  • Is The Content Related To One’s Line Of Research & Does The Event Offer The Opportunity To Get Published With Top Journal and Publications
  • Is There Any Noticeable Value In The Topics That The Conference Will Cover?

Asking oneself these key questions will help guide them in the right direction. Also, when discussing joining a virtual conference, it is important to be sure to avoid the behavior that a virtual conference is second-best in person. If the content is what one is looking for, the only thing that’s different is how they will receive that information. Also, if it is a conference that is normally held in person and has value, it is most likely that the upcoming virtual conference 2023 will be just as beneficial if it covers topics that interest them. Organizations that take the time to turn the conference into a virtual event 

What Do You Miss Out On In In-Person Conferences?

This is the next question that one should ask themselves. The main component that you are missing is the network aspect. One of the perks of attending conferences is that one can mingle and meet other people who are involved in the same line of research or field of study as for them. It is quite challenging to consolidate this into an online event, but conferences always host virtual happy hours, virtual networking sessions, chat sessions, and more for interacting with other attendees. While it’s not the same as in-person networking, it shouldn’t be a huge factor for you not to attend a virtual conference as it is a universal limitation between conferences at this time. If networking is important to you, you can focus on conferences that will host virtual networking sessions.

Besides the networking component, ask yourself if there is anything else missing from the conference that you normally have in person. Assess what is missing and decide if this is a major factor preventing you from attending the conference virtually.

The Five Biggest Benefits Of Partaking In Virtual Conferences

The following are some of the main advantages of a virtual conference –

  • Flexibility

Virtual conferences offer attendees the option of getting on and off. Attendees can choose the most important sessions to attend. This allows them to take care of their own business while still being able to attend parts of the conference that they want to attend.

  • Saving Time & Money

The advantage of not having to attend a conference in person is the time and money that attendees can save. They will save travel time and money in many areas, including airline tickets, hotel rooms, food, beverages, participant registration, and more. Registering for such events is also much cheaper in the case of virtual conferences than it is for physical events. Furthermore, one may want to consider signing up only a handful of employees for a virtual conference rather than the usual bevy of employees that a company would bring. If a company has registered only a few employees, those attending can take notes and give a presentation to the team on the key takeaways from the conference.

  • Presentations Are Recorded

If attendees miss a session or want to review a session that they attended, most virtual conferences record the sessions and send them to participants afterward. This is an advantage that they wouldn’t have at an in-person conference. If they can’t upload a session, they can always watch it later.

  • The Chance To Get Inspired & Enlightened

Let’s not forget the main reason people attend conferences, to begin with. Even though it is held virtually, the goal of all conferences remains the same – to be educational and inspiring. Everyone always feels good after attending a conference. Attendees get new field information that they can relate to their own stream of research. They become inspired by listening to motivational speakers and industry experts. All of this helps attendees bring new ideas and best practices to their research work. Otherwise, they wouldn’t exist. By attending a conference virtually, attendees will not by any means miss out on these key experiences.

  • Saving The Environment

Sadly, physical conferences involve a lot of wastage – they depend on large amounts of paper (marketing materials, flyers, brochures, and welcome packages that are handed out to attendees) and plastic – think of all the exhibition stands and banners utilized in the exhibition stalls. Both the financial and environmental implications of producing all of these materials are substantial. There is also the waste of food on the site, the consumption of water and energy for attendees being lodged in hotels and elsewhere. With virtual events, attendees can access more content, more sessions, more material, and network with a larger and more global pool of specialists from around the world without impacting the environment.

How To Find A List Of Virtual Conferences?

With the sheer number of virtual conferences that are taking place every day and every month, it can be pretty difficult for people actively looking to take part in virtual conferences to find reliable sources of information that offer accurate and up-to-date information on the best virtual conferences. 

It is crucial to remember that just like with in-person conferences, virtual conferences too are pl,agued with the menace of phony conference organizers whose sole intent is to fleece eager and naive conference attendees of their hard-earned money and precious time. In such circumstances, it is crucial that anybody who is looking to take part in a virtual conference should always make sure to find an authentic and globally renowned provider of such information. 

Apart from finding a well-known and trusted provider of virtual conference information (that offers access to a comprehensive list of virtual conferences 2021), it is also important to make sure that the provider offers conference alerts. Conference alerts are basically notifications that alert conference attendees every time an international virtual conference that they’d be interested in participating in is scheduled to take place near them. These conference alerts are often made available to anyone who wishes to subscribe for no extra charge whatsoever. A lot of conference alerts providers also allow subscribers to customize the way subscribers choose to receive their alerts – making it possible for them to opt for alerts based on their – 

  • preferred field/fields of interest, 
  • preferred locations, and 
  • conference-type (virtual or in-person).

Choose The Best Online Conference

A lot of professionals, students, and academics are desperately in search of an answer to the question ‘how to select virtual conference‘. Picking the right online conference to take part in is all about recognizing what makes for a great virtual conference. Listed below are all the characteristics of a world-class virtual conference or webinar. 

  1. The virtual conference has a clear objective and purpose. 
  2. The virtual conference is being organized by a well-known conference-organizing firm (such as IFERP) that is recognized across the academic community for conducting pioneering events (both in-person and online conferences).
  3. The virtual conference has a great roster of speakers – comprised of individuals who are all renowned experts in their respective fields. 
  4. The schedule of events and the topics of discussion for the virtual conference is perfectly symbiotic and complement each other (meaning the schedule of events has been planned while bearing the topics of discussion in mind, and vice versa).
  5. Like a lot of great in-person conferences, the virtual conference also will offer attendees fast Scopus publication 2023 opportunities with high-impact Scopus journals.
  6. The virtual conference relies more on its reputation to attract registrants rather than extensive advertising and marketing campaigns.
  7. The virtual conference makes it possible for attendees of the event to download all the sessions and refer to these videos and study material whenever they want to.